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PRIA Environment Conference focused to tackle major environment issues

PRIA Environment Conference focused to tackle major environment issues

PRIA Environment Conference, due on 8 February 2017 from 9.30 a.m., will host authorities, leading representatives of the business community, authorities and the scientific community, community leaders who will discuss policies, emerging issues and technological advances that have an impact on natural resources, and opportunities designed to create a sustainable future through proper management of the environment. They will also discuss topics related to the development of these complex interactions, which redefine the future of the environment in Romania and alignment with the international requirements.

Daniel Constantin, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Environment is expected to attend the conference.

PRIA Environment Conference will keep you posted on the national policy on waste management, waste management and their transformation and how we can learn from the experience of other countries.

Important issues about water treatment will be also addressed, water management, recycling electronics and appliances, prevention and control of environmental pollution, waste packaging, metals and hazardous waste.

Participants will analyze the new legislative impact on our communities, strategies and policies, as well as current changes and technological impact on the environment.

Among the topics addressed at the conference will be found: the National Strategy for Sustainable Development (NSSD) of Romania – 2020-2030 horizons; Environmental management and assessment for a sustainable development in Romania; National policy on waste management. Waste management and their transformation. The fee per ton for waste deposited in landfills. Who will support that? What is the value of the recycling market and how to encourage the green industry? What percentage of recycling has Romania now? What target do we have each year? Which one will it be until 2020? How Bucharest will adapt to European and global environmental requirements? How about the other cities? Can a new plant be built for treatment and disposal of waste in Bucharest? What is the situation of landfills serving the Capital? What cities have the best results? How do companies get involved in environmental protection? Can companies contribute to educate employees, and citizens in general for environmental compliance?

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More details on the agenda and registration for PRIA Competition can be found on http://priaevents.ro/pria-environment-conference/

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