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Prosecutors close file on how Tudorel Toader has become notary

The Prosecutor General’s Office has classified the file in which checks have been carried out on how Justice Minister Tudorel Toader has asked the Notaries Public Guild to propose his appointment as notary.

According to the Press Office of the Prosecutor General’s Office, the file was closed under art. 16, letter b) of the Criminal Procedure Code: “the deed is not provided by the criminal law or it has not been committed with the guilt provided by the law.”

The file was opened in September following a denunciation lodged on the name of the Minister of Justice, the criminal prosecution in rem for offenses of abuse of office and use of official position to favour a person.

Tudorel Toader filed an application to the Public Notary Guild in August to ask the Ministry of Justice to supplement notary duties, so that he joins this professional body as a former member of the Constitutional Court.

The Minister of Justice requested admission to the Public Notary Guild without an examination in Iasi, which is allowed because he has the status of former Judge of the Constitutional Court. He then demanded the suspension from the Public Notary Guild, to avoid incompatibility, as he is minister.

The order admitting Tudorel Toader’s request was signed by State Secretary with the Ministry of Justice, Nicolae Liviu Popa.

The request of Minister Toader was based on the recent amendment of Law 47/1992 on the Constitutional Court, in force since July, i.e. article 69, which reads that “after concluding the term with the Constitutional Court, the judge may opt to join advocacy or notary public without passing an exam.”



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