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Update: More than 35,000 protest in Bucharest, countrywide against amendments to justice laws
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Protests throughout the country. President Iohannis supports DNA’s Kovesi, says analysis needed after Justice Minister’s report

The Presidency has issued a point of view after the Justice Minister Tudorel Toader statement on recalling the DNA head Laura Codruta Kovesi and shows that President Klaus Iohannis maintains his views on the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) activity and its leadership.

The Presidential Administration makes the following remarks:

Due to the lack of clarity in the presentation of the report on the managerial activity of the DNA, and given that the assessment of the DNA’s activity and the management of this institution by the President of Romania differs from that of the Minister of Justice, a thorough analysis of this document, carried out at the level of the Presidential Administration by the specialized department, is needed.

The President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Iohannis, will use all the constitutional prerogatives to ensure the functioning of an independent justice and to strengthen the rule of law,” the release reads.

Protests in several cities in support of DNA

Protests have started Thursday evening, in Victoria Square, downtown Bucharest, following the announcement of the Justice Minister, people shouting: “DNA to get you,” “Do not run!”, “Thieves,” “Tudorel’s resignation!”

Manifestations to support DNA take place in several cities in the country – Sibiu, Constanta, Timisoara, Iasi, digi24.ro reports.

Hundreds of people went to the streets Thursday evening in several cities across the country to support Laura Codruta Kovesi and the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA). People shouted slogans against the PSD and Justice Minister Tudorel Toader.

In Sibiu, people gathered in the Grand Square just after Tudorel Toader’s announcement regarding the revocation of Laura Codruta Kovesi.

Protesters have banners to support Laura Codruta Kovesi, tricolour flags and they chanted slogans against PSD.

In Iasi more than eight hundred people have gathered in Union Square, to support the DNA chief. At the same time, those present downtown demand the resignation of Justice Minister Tudorel Toader.

People chanted “Tudorel, the model servant,” “Tudorel is not an Iasi inhabitant, go to Dragnea-Teleorman,” “DNA, we defend you,” “PSD, the red plague”.

Manifestants have tri-colour flags, the EU and the US flags, but also whistles and vuvuzelas.

Protests are also taking place downtown Cluj, where there were more than 200 people at 21.00h, but also in Brasov, where about one hundred protesters have gathered.

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