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PSD calls for start of procedures to recall the Romanian Ambassador to the US. George Maior: Time will come for me to say more

PSD calls for start of procedures to recall the Romanian Ambassador to the US. George Maior: Time will come for me to say more

Social-democrat leader, Liviu Dragnea, announced Saturday evening, after the party’s Executive Committee, that Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu has been requested to start the procedure to recall the Ambassador to the US, George Maior.

“There is a request sent to the Prime Minister (during the PSD sitting) that Teodor Melescanu starts the procedure to recall George Maior. You are aware of the procedure: Foreign Minister- Prime Minister – President,” Liviu Dragnea said.

Let’s recall that George Maior, ambassador to the US and former Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) chief, said on Monday, referring to the letter signed by Rudolph Giuliani, lawyer of US President Donald Trump, that it is the result of lobby supported by forces interested to defend people having trouble with the law.

“Mr. Giuliani is a sparkling and combative character in the discussions in the US. I don’t know if he still is Mr. Trump’s lawyer, anyway, he is the expression of a lobby initiated by some forces interested in the defence of certain persons (in Romania – our note) who had problems with the judiciary,” George Maior said on Monday at the Annual Meeting of Romania  Diplomacy.

Rudolph Giuliani, President Trump’s lawyer, sent a letter to President Klaus Iohannis, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila and the two Parliament Speakers regarding the protocols signed by the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI).

The US Embassy in Bucharest informed that “the US government does not comment on the views or conclusions of private US citizens,” after being asked about the letter sent by Rudolph Giuliani to President Klaus Iohannis.

Donald Carroll, Press Officer with the US Embassy, informed in a release that “I would refer you to Mr. Giuliani for comment on statements he is reported to have made.”

Politico.eu reported later that Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani was being paid by a global consulting firm when he sent a letter to the president of Romania that contradicted the U.S. government’s official position.

“It has nothing to do with the U.S. government,” Mr. Giuliani said for The New York Times, referring to the Romania letter. “I advise on security, law enforcement and terrorism in many different countries. Private lawyers for the president have all had private practices.”

On the other hand, The Washington Post says that a letter that Rudolph W. Giuliani sent to Romanian officials opposing a corruption crackdown in that country has drawn the attention of the State Department and renewed questions about his continued work for foreign clients while representing the president.

George Maior: Time will come when I can react more. I believe some would not like it

Romanian Ambassador to Washington DC, George Maior, says there is ongoing a campaign of fake news against him and statements that he allegedly coordinates some political movements, which be rejects categorically.

He added that he did not react to the charges, as he had no reason to, as Ambassador, but time will come when he will answer them, even if some people would not like it.

In an interview for Digi 24 TV private broadcaster, Maior said it is regarded as ‘interesting’ as there are perceptions that he allegedly coordinates from Washington certain political movements.

“Maybe I am a little bit more interesting, maybe there is a certain perception that I could coordinate from Washington new political movements, to influence certain political tendencies. These are false issues. There is a recurrent campaign of false news, fragmented analyses which intent to reveal a certain image,” George Maior said.

“Time will come, and I believe some people would not like it, when I can react more. To calm them down, I have no political intention, I am not conducting any underground activities, be they political, media, etc. I mind my own business,” Maior added.

Dragnea wants amendments to the legal framework on national security

The amending of the legal framework on national security should “be conducted rapidly” said on Saturday PSD chairman, Liviu Dragnea, as the intelligence services need to modernize.

“We’ve discussed the amending of the legislation on national security, to be conducted rapidly and the possibility to set up a new agency. I have nothing against establishing a National Agency for Interception. I want the debates to start,” Dragnea said.

He added that he has asked the chairman of the parliamentary committee for SRI control Claudiu Manda, to analyse with priority the “activity conducted by the SRI Director, Eduard Hellvig.”

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