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PSD chairman attacks president Iohannis on foreign policy, economy, accuses of the head of state of sabotaging any gov’t action

Chairman of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea, has accused President Iohannis on Monday that he is attacking and even sabotaging any goverment’s action which he doesn’t like, while wondering what the head of state is up to to obtain the resignation of PM Viorica Dancila.

Regarding the latest President Iohannis’ threat against prime minister Viorica Dancila is the pursuit of a plan, of a series of actions that the president is targeting against the government. Any domestic or foreign action that the Gov’t takes and which the president doesn’t like is attacked, undermined, even sabotaged. The president is undermining Romania also in the case of Israel, the visit to Vatican or in the case of lies told about the economic results,” the PSD chairman stated.

On Sunday evening, Dragnea has also slammed President Iohannis’ statements related to the actions taken by the Government and Parliament on foreign policy or economy, arguing the statements show „ are action of a hurt man, of frustration and snit”.

„Regarding the foreign policy, the Romanian Constitution is clear and mandatory. There is no person in Romania to have exclusive responsibilities on foreign policy. The president, the Government and the parliament, they all  have attributions. But it’s the first time that a President tries to induce the idea that only the president is managing the foreign policy. We have the Gov’t, the Foreign Ministry that are taking care of the foreign policy. It’s a reaction of a hurt man, of frustration and snit and there can be more reasons that prompted the president to make these allegations,” Dragnea told Romania TV private broadcaster in Sunday.

On the other hand, the PSD chair said he had initiated no conflict  with the head of state, amid criticism made by Klaus Iohannis against the government.

We cannot talk about ta Dragnea-Iohannis conflict. I have started no war. What I have said  we cannot stay without reacting such lies, either they come from the president, an MP or anyone else. We decided to react immediately, me and the premier, ministers, for we have seen how much had  these lies deposited in the people’s mind,” the SocDem chairman added.

Dragnea: Iohannis took the statistics on economy from #rezist on Facebook

Dragnea also retorted to the latest data released by President Iohannis on the budgetary execution this year, saying they are based on false figures „probably taken from the #resist movement on Facebook”.

„The President must have taken the economic data from Facebook. We have data from the World  Bank, the National Institute of Statistics, from the Finance Ministry (…) We proved that salaries are up without increasing taxes and fees. The President is in electoral campaign,” Dragnea pointed out.

He claimed that during March-February there was an average rise of 8.7% of the net salary both in the public and private education system and during one month the wages in healthcare have increased by 22.3%, while the purchase power has maintained the rise of 8.4% during March-February.

Dragnea added that „94% of the Romanian companies have turnouts up to EUR 1 billion and the gov’t decision that these companies should pay turnover tax and not the corporate tax had also brought increases.

President Klaus Iohannis lashed out again against the ruling party, Government and PM Viorica Dancila, while demanding the latter’s resignation. In a press conference held at Cotroceni Palace on Monday evening, the head of state made an x-ray of the current situation of the Romanian economy, arguing the Social Democrat Party is not able to manage the situation, that it cannot explain where all the money for the pay rises come from, that tax revenues are below expectations and EU funds absorption is a total failure.

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