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PSD deputy Andreea Cosma, sentenced to 4 years in prison in first court

Andreea Cosma, PSD Prahova deputy, the daughter of the influential Social Democrat local leader Mircea Cosma (former chairman of the Prahova County Council), has been sentenced to 4 years in prison. The ruling, pronounced in first court by the Supreme Court judges, is not final and can be appealed.

Andreea Cosma has been indicted in a corruption file for complicity to abuse of office, a deed that she would have committed while she was notary. The anti-corruption prosecutors have established a prejudice of almost RON 18 million in this file.

Andreea Cosma was sent to court in November 2015, along with Florin Anghel, former chairman of the Prahova County Council during 2004-2008. Anghel is charged with disposing some plots of land from a former military unit stretching on 40 hectares to the Plopeni industrial park.

DNA says the goods have been sold without being assessed, in the absence of a public tender and thus, a prejudice of RON 17,603,853 has been caused. Investigators established that in order to trade these assets, the county council leaders was helped by Andreea Cosma, who was a  notary back then.

Cosma family’s legal problems

Andreea Cosma, daughter of Prahova County PSD ‘baron’ Mircea Cosma, himself sentenced to 8 years in prison in the first court, has reached the position of PSD deputy following an interesting move… two social-democrats, positioned ahead of her on the electoral lists, have resigned from parliament to make room for her.

Her brother, Vlad Cosma former PSD MP during 2012-2016 and good friend of fugitive Sebastian Ghita, has also been sentenced to five years in prions for corruption deeds. Both Cosma father and son have challenged their sentences, with the final ruling pending.

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