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PSD Deputy Liviu Plesoianu requests the urgent expulsion of US Ambassador Hans Klemm

Social-democrat Liviu Plesoianu (photo 1)calls the for urgent expulsion of US Ambassador, Hans Klemm (photo 2), claiming his involvement in the parliamentary, governmental and the judiciary activity cannot be tolerated anymore.

“According to the provisions of the Vienna Convention regarding diplomatic relations, I request the urgent expulsion of the US Ambassador, Hans Klemm! Given his involvement in the internal affairs of my country (…). If we are indeed an independent and sovereign state, if we respect our Constitution and ourselves, we cannot tolerate anymore the involvement if this ambassador in the parliamentary and governmental activity, as well as in the justice system. It’s not the job of Ambassador Hans Klemm, or of any other ambassador, what we decide in our own lawmaking framework. It’s not Klemm’s job how the Judicial Inspectorate carries out its duties!” Liviu Plesoianu wrote on Facebook.

He wonders why ambassador Hans Klemm is disturbed by the fact that Romania does not want to become a ‘pashalic’ of prosecutors in which the Obama administration has invested and that our country wants to bring to order the chaos in the justice system.

He calls the US envoy as ‘OXYMORON Ambassador’.

“As Deputy of the Romanian people, I say it plainly I am not going to tolerate this Colony Governor-like attitude, from the first day of your mandate,” Plesoianu wrote.

The MP argues the US official has repeatedly offended the Romanian people and has scolded the citizens for their electoral options. Plesoianu also claims the US Ambassador has encouraged the protests in Romania and has urged Romanians to vote against the governing party.

The Deputy tells Ambassador Klemm that Romanians are not slaves to anyone and Romania is not a colony under the administration of someone from across the ocean.

Plesoianu concludes his message ironically, assuring the US Ambassador that he would offer all support for the fight against corruption in the United States.


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