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PM designate Mihai Tudose, PSD leader Liviu Dragnea say Pension Pillar II will not be dissolved
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PSD local leaders admit Dragnea-Tudose breach. Pros and cons on the Gov’t restructuring

Social Democrat branches are divided over the Government restructuring amid heralded party extraordinary congress scheduled at the end of the month.

PM Tudose would like a restructuring of his cabinet, while PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea would oppose it, with many voices hinting to a growing tension between the two leaders, with both of them seeking now to enforce their position in the party and get as many supporters as possible.

SocDem chair Liviu Dragnea has embarked on a tour across the party’s organizations in Moldova region, to get their endorsement. Dragnea has attended the meeting of the PSD organization in Suceava on Thursday, with sources revealing that he is to also take part in similar sittings in Bacau, Vaslui, Botosani in the following days.

Meanwhile, party local leaders have started to express their opinions on Tudose-Dragnea mounting row and to take stand for or against the Gov’t restructuring.

PSD MEP Catalin Ivan, who has been a fiery opponent against the party’s current leadership, said that the incumbent chairman of the Social Democrat Party will be history after the congress and the premier would be able to form the government as he considers suitable. Ivan also said that the PSD helm should be divided among several leaders until a future congress.

The leader of Vaslui PSD branch, Dumitru Buzatu considers that, if neither Liviu Dragnea nor PM Tudose will have a constructive approach, it will all end again with the premier’s being dismissed and the ruling program enforcement will be affected.

The Social Democrats from Dâmbovița would want a more flexible Executive, focused on enforcing the ruling program, as the vice-president of the organization Corneliu Stefan said. Asked if the branch supports the idea of the Gov’t restructuring, he said “yes”.

The leader of PSD Prahova, Bogdan Toader opined that there are “communication issues inside the party”, while the leader of PSD Alba, Ioan Dirzu denied there is any scandal between Dragnea and Tudose, arguing “they are good party fellows and will act accordingly”.

The leader of the PSD Braila branch, Ion Rotaru, also said “there will always be pros and cons in a political party”.

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