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PSD swings the President’s impeachment, while the Opposition calls for snap elections

PSD swings the President’s impeachment, while the Opposition calls for snap elections

Amid political crisis in Bucharest prompted by the toppling of the second prime minister in less than a year, prospects are hard to figure. While, the Social Democrats’ camp are trying to hold together and sort out the situation, even by ‘waving’ the impeachment ghost under President Iohannis’ nose, the Opposition is slamming PSD, arguing it cannot rule anymore and calling for snap elections.

Labour minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu told TVR public broadcaster that the topic of the president’s impeachment hadn’t been discussed inside the Social Democrat Party, but the party’s legal experts had debated this possibility before.

We are going to Cotroceni with a list of the MPs signatures to prove that there is a parliamentary majority. At this moment, Mr. Klaus Iohannis cannot say there is no parliamentary majority. We’ll prove that we have a qualified majority in Parliament to vote a new Government. If Mr. Iohannis doesn’t want to nominate a premier from PSD, then we’ll resort to the shutdown solution. It may also come to the president’s impeachment,” Vasilescu said.

On the other side of the camp, the opposition parties think that the PSD-ALDE alliance has failed and voiced support for the snap elections’ option. Former PM Dacian Ciolos also took stand, saying that his Platform Romania 100 will assume to be part of a solution in case of early elections.

Commenting Mihai Tudose’s resignation, the chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Ludovic Orban said that PSD hadn’t found yet the “perfect cats paw for Liviu Dragnea”, adding that the ruling party is crisis and the only solution would be the snap elections.

The perfect cats paw for Dragnea in PSD, to hold on more than six months, hasn’t been found yet. If there is any Social Democrat still wanting to assume the prime minister position, he is definitely out of his mind. It’s clear that PSD is in serious crisis, which is acting completely unreasonably and against Romania’s interests, it is a party that cannot rule anymore,” Orban said.

He said that PNL considers that the Romanian president “will decide which is the best solution”, adding that PNL’s view is that early elections would be the only good solution.

In his turn, USR chairman Dan Barna stated that by stripping Tudose of the political support, PSD-ALDE majority has proved once again that is not capable to rule, and the Union considers early elections as the only ”decent solution.”

Barna argued that if president Iohannis still gives the ruling to PSD-ALDE majority, the scenario will repeat.
If the President allows a PSD premier, we’ll probably have the same sequence in two months, for Dragnea cannot be premier due to his legal problems. Anyone else becomes premier, we see he is expelled from the helm of the Gov’t by Liviu Dragnea in several months,” the USR chair added.

Ex-PM Ciolos: If there are snap elections, we’ll assume to be part of this solution

The leader of the Platform Romania 100, ex-PM Dacian Ciolos said his organization would assume to be part of a solution if early elections were held, adding that PSD-ALDE majority has failed.

Romania cannot afford another government born out of the moral crisis that the PSD-ALDE coalition is abound with. An alternative is needed, which must be built with all those who voiced concern against the way the country had been ruled for a year now. If early elections are held, we assume to be part of this solution,” Ciolos posted on his Facebook page.

One year and 11 days of PSD-ALDE ruling: two premiers set behind the cushion following party battles, two governments decapitated by mean political ambitions. I don’t think there is a precedent in Romania that a party holding a comfortable majority in Parliament should decapitate two of its own Cabinets in one year. Besides populism and incompetence, the PSD-ALDE rule is adding a dangerous ingredient for the country: the political instability,” the former PM concluded.

UDMR’s stance

As for UDMR, the Union of the Magyars from Romania, which, although not part of the ruling coalition, has a deal in Parliament with the PSD-ALDE, says there wouldn’t have been another solution than toppling the Tudose Cabinet.

UDMR chairman Kelemen Hunor says that he has seen more internal fights than ruling in the last period of the Tudose Gov’t, adding that nobody is happy when a government is toppled down, while arguing that another solution would not have been possible. Kelemen Hunor also stated that he had seen lately that many of Mihai Tudose’s statement had been extremely tough, unacceptable.

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