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PSD’s Dragnea announces referendum on amending the Constitution

Social-democrat leader, Liviu Dragnea, has announced on Tuesday, after the talks with the Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, that at the end of September or beginning of October a referendum will be organised to amend the Romanian Constitution in order to redefine the family.

“In early September I will surely have a discussion within the ruling coalition with my colleagues in the party and in the Senate, but I believe the vote in Senate should take place in the first week of September to start the procedures for the referendum wanted by 3 million Romanians who signed the initiative. The referendum could be organised in late September or in early October. We will discuss it with the Government, as organiser of the event, we have to include in the budget the money for the referendum,” Dragnea said.

“It does not need to be scheduled on Sunday and it does not need to be only one day. I hope that by the beginning of the parliamentary session the discussions with the associations that support the civil partnership are completed. So we may succeed to have in early September a bill to clarify certain issues. We need to have such a law. We need to clarify the option for family. Every citizen has to have the right to live the way he feels, without disturbing the others,” the PSD leader said.

Dragnea added that this is a very sensitive topic.

In May, PSD submitted June 10 as a possibility for referendum, but things got delayed.

Last year, the Chamber of Deputies adopted the civic initiative to review the Constitution, which provides that the family is founded on marriage freely agreed between a man and a woman.

Currently, the Constitution provides that the family is founded on the freely agreed marriage between spouses.


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