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PSD’s Dragnea charges President Iohannis: ‘He is a fake president, turned on by key’

PSD leader Liviu Dragnea replied to President Klaus Iohannis Thursday evening: he has panicked because he sees “the rope tightening around his hair”. He is a “fake” President who “can be considered a delinquent,” Dragnea said, in an unprecedented attack.

“Someone might say that he is the delinquent who has climbed to the highest position of the Romanian state,” the PSD chair said, digi24.ro reports.

“I saw a man in panic, nervous and irritated, but in panic. We see a panicked president because he sees how the odious system that has protected him for so many years is breaking up. He sees how the rope has tightened around his hair,” Dragnea said.

He recalled the six “files” he had presented on Monday in one of the suitcases he came with to the Parliament.

“I have presented a few documents that came out in the public space, made it to the press, but they were kept into the drawer. He could not answer, but he resorted to the charges with the delinquent,” Dragnea said.

“If we remember, there was someone else who used the same accusations about delinquents and criminals: Kovesi,” Dragnea added.

“Now let’s see who the liar is. He said he had no criminal file. He did not have one, but nine which have been closed. One thing is certain. Iohannis knew about them, especially about one of them, because it was closed by Lazar. Iohannis lied to us that he was not criminally investigated, Augustin Lazar lied when he was surprised about the protocols with the SRI, but he had signed one,” the PSD chairman also said.

Dragnea insisted that the files presented by him “are public statements and releases from the Presidential Administration. Iohannis’ reaction is pathetic, how can one say that those press releases are fakes?” the PSD chair added.

“Our president can be considered a delinquent. It is a clear thing that our president does not want to answer, because he should lie. You will find fake wealth statements there. He has diminished his wealth. There are proofs that the fake President does not want to answer. It is impossible, even for the fake President, to say that black is white,” he added.

The statements come after President Iohannis launched a tough attack on the PSD chairman on Tuesday: “This delinquent, Dragnea, who has climbed on top of the state, is making significant progress in the fake news field.”

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