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Will Liviu Dragnea resign from the PSD chairman position?

PSD’s Dragnea said total budgetary impact of the measures in the government programme is RON 2.65bn

PSD leader Liviu Dragnea, Chamber of Deputies Speaker, said that total budgetary impact of the measures envisaged by the government programme is of RON 2.65 billion.

“This is the answer to all attacks lately: steps taken by our government, the government of all Romanians! All promises made during the campaign we have already met, the total impact is of RON 2.65 billion,” Dragnea wrote on Wednesday on Facebook.

I’m not at war with President Iohannis, but pressures are very high

Dragnea says he not at war with anyone, much less with the president, but claims he feels enormous pressure and constant threats.

“I’m not at war. I feel a great pressure, I feel threats permanently from him and from other spokespersons, but I am not at war. You will not hear I started anything against him. I have other concerns: the government programme. And I will do nothing to generate something bad for Romanians. (…) If we are standing, this program will apply even more than I said,” Dragnea said Tuesday evening at Antena 3 TV.

“I think there is a plan that this government programme is not implemented, because it would really reveal the big difference between a party or a coalition, having earnest and responsible people, who said this country can be something else and Romanians can live better and the disaster of ‘My Government’ in 2016 with effects on the presidential election. It is a violent attack against the Romanians’ welfare, against stability and the future of Romania,” Liviu Dragnea said.

Cioloş shouldn’t answer me on Facebook or on TV, but to answer the inquiry committee

The PSD-ALDE governing programme will not be affected by the ‘gap’ left in the budget by the former technocrat executive and none of the measures outlined during the campaign will be removed, said Liviu Dragnea. He recalled that an inquiry committee has been set up to investigate the money missing from the state budget.

“The Ciolos post amazed me and dissatisfied me. I don’t figure it out if there is about superficiality, meanness, bad faith. (…) He shouldn’t answer me on Facebook or on television, but he must answer the inquiry committee. The whole country must find out why there is RON 10 billion less,” Dragnea told Antena 3 TV on Tuesday evening.

According to the PSD leader, the ‘gap’ in the budget shows that the former technocrat government had no control on tax evasion and that state institutions have not functioned properly, so that Romania has lost RON 10 billion in revenues.

Former PM Dacian Ciolos said early this week there is no such gap. “Facing the figures and the realities of Romanian economy I have pointed to for months, not aware how to make ends meet for the electoral promises during the campaign, Mr. Liviu Dragnea is making a trick and announces there’s a gap of RON 10 billion in the budget.”

“For any person having minimum knowledge in economics, such a ‘gap’ would have involved either lower revenues or higher expenditures. Anyway, it should have been seen in the budget deficit – it’s not the case. There is no such gap,” Dacian Ciolos wrote on his Facebook page.

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