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Extraordinary session on Tax Code called off following PSD's postponement request

PSD’s Dragnea: We’re open to the option of a sole PSD-ALDE candidate for presidency. Offshore bill to be amended

PSD leader, Liviu Dragnea, said Sunday evening that PSD and ALDE might have a sole candidate for presidency next year. He could be from PSD or ALDE, the analysis has started in both parties and the decision is to be announced by the end of the year.

“I’ve talked with Mr. Tariceanu (ALDE leader – our note) and we’ve agreed that any option is open, but we will carry out analyses and find the best option to succeed. It will be a rational decision. For us it is important that the PSD-ALDE alliance wins the presidential election,” Dragnea said for Romania TV private broadcaster.

  • Dragnea argues that reshuffling was not discussed in the party and in the coalition, but he is somehow sad that the ministers do not communicate enough;
  • The PSD leader, Chamber of Deputies Speaker, presented also the principles of the new pension law, which would bring along a new calculation formula targeting the pensions increase. “This new calculation formula will lead to a higher pace of increase. The principle of contribution will rule 100%. Those who work with companies that do not pay the social security contributions will have problems,” he said.
  • Dragnea claims he and PSD are the target of attacks because the governance results are already obvious, political opponents don’t want the Romanians to live better;
  • “As of 2020 and starting with 2021, when the retirees will have a decent and well deserved, healthy pension, when the employees will earn high wages, when the companies will work better, when the farmers will get the subsidies every year and will develop, then the Romanians will be happier. This means it will be a people hard to manipulate and for which the germ of hate is hard to seed. This is, I believe, the main reason for them not to want us. So, this is the reason for what is happening to me and not only to me,” Dragnea said;
  • “There are discussions about an emergency ordinance on the offshore bill. We want to stipulate in the law that the share is not modified. It’s not about a deal with the companies. Maybe we’ll have discussions. I want to have the formula stipulated by the law;”
  • Nothing will change about the laws of justice during this parliamentary holiday, Dragnea also said.


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