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Qatar’s Power International Holding and Al-Faisal Holding plan to invest in Romania

On his return to Romania from work visits in Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea, Minister for the Business Environment, Commerce and Entrepreneurship, Ilan Laufer, made a stopover for several hours in Doha, Qatar’s capital, as a press release informs.

On this occasion, the Romanian official took the opportunity and had working meetings with the leaders of two of the largest Qatar business groups.

Moutaz Al-Khayyat, CEO Power International Holding stated in a meeting with the Romanian Minister Laufer that the Qatari company intends to start a medium investment in Romania.

Subsequently, there is the possibility to co-invest Qatar Investment Authority, state-owned holding company that can be characterized as a National Wealth Fund as a co-investor, Ministry of Business Environment, Commerce and Entrepreneurship (MMACA) informs in a press release.


photo source: imm.gov.ro

Moreover, Shaikh Faisal bin Qasim Al-Thani, President Al-Faisal Holding, who also holds the chairman position of the Qatari Business Association, said that following recent contacts with the business community in Romania, he was about to buy a hotel. In this context, he expressed the desire to materialize such an investment on the occasion of his next visit to Romania.

”Both also ensured the availability of the companies they represent to run businesses in partnership with Romanian companies. The two interlocutors have also shown interest in carrying out in the near future visits to prospect of concrete investment opportunities in Romania,” the release reads.

In turn, the Romanian Minister has highlighted the possibility of Qatari businessmen involvement as developers / investors and operators, especially in large-scale projects such as hospitals and other infrastructure projects, the Public Private Partnership Law being an alternative of providing public infrastructure and to provide quality public services. The Qatari businessmen also showed interest in developing projects targeting the real estate market in Romania, a steadily growing market.

Power International Holding is a group with investments in Qatar and third markets, bringing together 33 companies with more than 40,000 people. Power International Holding consists of a diverse portfolio of businesses spanning 5 key sectors in Qatar including Design and Construction, Industry, Service, Retail and Hospitality, and Real Estate.

Al Faisal Holding is one of Qatar’s leading private companies that played a significant role in the development of the Qatar economy and infrastructure attracting many foreign investments. Al Faisal Holding has many divisions operating under its umbrella; Property, Hospitality, Construction, Trading, Transport, Entertainment, Education, Services, and Information Technology Division. Recently Al Faisal Holding is focusing on further developing its Hospitality sector and hospitality related services.



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