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Răzvan Ștefănescu, the driver with anti-PSD plates, will run for European elections in 2019

Răzvan Ştefănescu, the Romanian with residence in Sweden, who stirred controversies this summer for having anti-PSD plates on his Audi car when arriving in Romania, has decided to run for the European elections in 2019.

“I have decided to run as independent in the elections for European parliament next year, after long-time thinking over and afterthoughts. I have decided to make this step because I am not satisfied with the quality of the representatives of Romanians in Europe, because I am fed up with being lied to and because I want to do much more for us. I want all of us in Diaspora to be more united, as now our country, which we were forced to leave, is going through tough moments. I want us to be able to vote freely, without sabotage as in 2014, to help Romania by one single vote.” Razvan Stefanescu has told ziaristii.com.

By the law, the Romanian with residence in Sweden, needs to collect 100,000 signatures in order to run, because he is not on the lists of any political party.

In August this year, a prosecutor with the District 3 Court Prosecutor’s Office closed the file on “driving on public roads of a vehicle registered in another state – which does not have the right to go on traffic in Romania,” concerning the car registered in Sweden with anti-PSD plates. The magistrate was therefore in agreement with the proposal to classify the investigation by the officers of the Traffic Police Brigade.

As the scandal mounted, the Ombudsman (Victor Ciorbea) asked for explanations from the Traffic Police Brigade in regard to the situation of the 8-year old child held during the hearings of his father, the one driving a car registered in Sweden with anti-PSD plates. The minor was forced to spend several hours at the headquarters of the Traffic Police Brigade and even attended his father’s hearing.

The head of the Romanian Police had acknowledged several days earlier that the driver with anti-PSD plates entered the country legally. However, his gesture is immoral, Quaestor Ioan Buda said, adding that the man was sanctioned for other reasons, not because the registration numbers did not contain any figures.

Răzvan Ştefănescu had his driving license suspended and the license plates confiscated a week earlier by the Romanian Police. The decision was overturned after the decision of the court.

The license plates (reading M… PSD – blow … to PSD) were withdrawn by the Swedish authorities and were sent to that country through the Swedish Embassy in Bucharest. The driver was allowed to go on traffic with the permanent plates.

The Audi A5 car, with which Răzvan Ştefănescu made the tour of Romania, was later put up for sale with the asking price of EUR 25,500.

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