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Turda salt mine launched on Google Street View

Record of visitors at Turda salt mine last year, with growing number of foreign turists lured by its beauties

Salina Turda/Turda salt mine in Cluj county has posted a record of visitors last year, seeing over 600,000 visitors, with 35% of them being foreign tourists. Most of the foreign visitors were from Hungary, Poland, Israel or Spain.

According to the salt mine’s manager, 618,000 people visited it in 2017, which is a new record, with 35% being foreign tourists. The number of the foreign tourists has also increased from 30% in 2016 to 35% last year.

The manager revealed that the salt mine is contemplating new development plans, which would mean including the last mine, Iosif, in the tourist circuit, that will lead to doubling the visiting capacity.

We estimate an investment of EUR 10 M in the new salt mine’, the manager said, adding they might resort to EU funds for this new project.

Turda salt mine has four mines: Rudolf, Terezia, Ghizela and Iosif, with the first three of them being actually in the tourist circuit.

The exploitation of the salt at Turda mine dates back to the Roman period. The salt mine was closed in 1932 and re-opened to the public and to the patients suffering of respiratory affections in 1992.

The salt mine has undergone a revamping process during 2008-2010 following an investment of EUR 6 million from European funds and was commissioned in January 2010.

In 2014, Business Insider declared the Turda salt mine as the most beautiful underground place in the world.

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