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Romania aims permanent position in the UNWTO board, to have tourist promotion offices abroad

Romania plans to set up tourist offices abroad, included one in Madrid, while also eyeing a permanent position in the board of the UN World Tourism Organization, Romanian Tourism minister announced after a meeting with UNWTO officials hosted in Berlin on the occasion of the International Tourism Fair in the German capital (Internationale Tourismus Börse), dubbed as the largest tourism fair in the world.

Romania has held the Presidency of the UNWTO’s Executive Council during 2012-2013.

The UNWTO secretary general, Taleb Rifai said he is a supporter of the Romania’s demarches to become a major actor on the international tourism market, stating for Agerpres that “any success of Romania will be also my success, as UNWTO secretary general”. The Organization announced that it would provide Romania with expertize to reach its targets.

Romania will promote itself at the Berlin fair through pottery and Easter egg painting workshops, will display the famous Cucuteni ceramics items and the Romanian folk costumes, as well as traditional jewelry. Romanian music, folk dances and traditional cuisine will not miss the show either.

For the first time this year, Romania will also promote the equestrian tourism during the fair, announcing that 152 local pensions own stud farms for this purpose and at least 35 of them can provide the best equestrian tours.


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  1. I hope that they set up a tourist office in Amsterdam, because the combined population of the Benelux countries (The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg) are 28,5 million. It is important to know that 83% of these countries speak the Dutch language. Tourism can become an important source of income for Romanian, but an evenly important aspect of this activity is familiarity with Romania(in a positive way).