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Romania-Egypt direct flights to be resumed this summer. How many Romanians visited Egypt last year?

The Red Sea, Sharm el–Sheikh, Luxor … the Egyptian tourism authorities plan to revive these amazing travel destinations in the Romanian tourists’ mind. Present at the latest Tourism Fair in Bucharest, Egypt welcomed visitors with traditional souvenirs, many new offers to spend a perfect holiday in the country’s traditional resorts and a lot of optimism.

Mohamed Desouky, director of the Tourist Section, Embassy of Egypt in Prague told The Romania Journal that they count on a revival of the tourism particularly given by the resuming of the direct flights from Romania to Egypt. According to him, the charters will be resumed in July or August.

We found a good opportunity to come to the Romania market, to meet tour operators and see how can we work together. We want to promote all Egyptian destinations, mainly the Red Sea, Sharm el -Sheikh and Luxor, the traditional ones. At present there is the problem that there are no direct flights. We are working hard to make charters fly again from Romania to Egypt. It will probably happen in July or August,” Mohamed Desouky stated.

Tourism cannot die

He admitted some decline of the domestic tourism was reported, especially after the air crash involving the Russian plane, but assured that Egypt is a safe destination.

We are helping tour operators make some promotions along with the resuming of the flights. We are here to co-operate with the tour operators, to support them in any possible ways. We also plan to send journalists to our travel destinations, to see the realities and to write about their experience there. We also intend to send travel agents in educational trips to see the products that we are selling.

There was a decline of the domestic tourism after the Russian plane accident, but tourism cannot die on the whole, it has already revived, with upward trends coming from the Ukraine’s or the Czech Republic’s markets.

I think the situation will get better very soon. That’s what we are here, to discuss how we can offer our support and particularly to send the message that those unfortunate accidents will not scare us,” the Egyptian diplomat pointed out.

 6 pc rise in 2015, 7-8 pc increase expected this year

According to the latest statistics provided by him, there were 23,000 Romanian tourists visiting Egypt last year.

It was a rise by 6 percent compared to 2014. Actually it was a 20 percent increase till the end of October 2015, but the decline in November and December affected the trend and we got back to the 6 percent plus,” Desouky said.

Romanian favorite destinations were the traditional ones: Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh, while the Egyptian tourism authorities expressing hope that when the flights to Hurghada are resumed, the visitors could go to other surroundings such as Luxor, Aswan, etc.

We brought a big amount of brochures at the Bucharest Fair and most of them have been given in the first two days. This means people are very interested in the Egyptian destinations and they are looking for more information about them. I am very confident that once the flights start operating back it will be a boom from the Romanian tourism market. We need to keep the trend upward and we’ll be very happy to have 7 or 8 percent increase this year, meaning we hope to have 28,000 – 29,000 Romanian tourists visiting Egypt by the end of the year,” Mohamed Desouky concluded.

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