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Romania, Europe’s leader in wind energy, RWEA data reveal

On May 7, 35 percent of national electricity consumption came from wind turbines, Romanian Wind Energy Association (RWEA) data reveal.

Romania was the first country in Europe in this chapter, with a wind energy share in consumption almost five times higher than the European average.

Thus, amid a sustained wind and the absence of Unit 1 of Cernavoda, currently under a planned outage program, the wind turbines in Romania produced 54 GWh of electricity, which according to the industry representatives data would cover the consumption of about 5 million households in the EU.

On the same day, the share of wind energy production in the electricity consumption in the whole Europe was only 7.5 percent, so the share of wind energy in Romania in consumption was almost five times higher. At European level, wind energy production was 603 GWh on May 7.

Romania was followed by Denmark – 22 percent (19 GWh), Germany – 15 percent (221 GWh) and Ireland – also 15 percent (13 GWh).


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