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Romanian coast-guard intercepts vessel in Mangalia having on board 69 clandestine immigrants

Romania faces the largest wave of illegal migrants by the Black Sea

Almost 500 Syrians and Iraqis have arrived on Romanian shores in the last month. The last group was rescued by the coastguard Tuesday night – 150 people – many of them children. The vessel on which they were crammed had floated for hours, drifting, during a violent storm.

The rescue operation of the over 150 individuals, who risked drowning in the waves at all times, lasted 15 hours, stiritvr.ro informs.

The vessel on which they were crammed was drifting in the storm.

Two ships, one of the navy and one civilian, recovered them and brought them to the Midia Harbour.

Of the 157 migrants from Iraq and Syria, 56 are children. They had started the journey from Turkey and were at sea for a few days.

They were hoping to get to Western Europe, but their journey ended in Romania.

They were seen by doctors, accommodated in special tents and heard. Prosecutors want to find out if they had guides, who, according to the law, are punishable with imprisonment.

This is only the last of the 5 migrant groups that have reached the Romanian shores in the past month.

They were all saved off-shore, thanks to a system that can detect suspicious vessels over a distance of up to 20 kilometres, during day and night.The EUR 25 million system, acquired with European money and state budget money, monitors the entire shore from north to south.

Almost 100 are in custody for 30 days and have been taken to the centres in Otopeni and Arad, from where they will be deported.

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