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Romania imported over 88,300 tons of flowers in 2016

From one year to another, Romania registers record after record in terms of the import of flowers. According to Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR), only in 2016 Romania brought from foreign markets 88,325 tons of flowers, while exports were over 50 times lower.

Thus, during 2014-2016, the value of flower imports increased from EUR 75 million to EUR 97 million, while exports remained at just EUR 2.9 million.

Also, the area cultivated with flowers in protected areas has halved in recent years, reaching 52 hectares after a peak of 117 hectares registered in 2013.

Romania’s main flower supplier is the Netherlands, a world leader in the field, with less than five times the size of our country and an agricultural area of almost seven times smaller, but it stands out for decades through tradition and innovation.

Besides tulips, Romania imports especially from the Netherlands roses, carnations, orchids, chrysanthemums and gladioli.


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