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Romania, the highest income inequality in the European Union

Romania recorded the highest inequality of income in the European Union (EU) in 2015, followed by Lithuania and Bulgaria, according to the National Statistics Institute (INS).

“In Romania, the income inequality is higher than the average across the European Union. In 2015, the richest 20% of European Union citizens had revenues 5 times higher than the poorest 20%. The smallest gaps between the rich and the poor were recorded in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (3.5 each), Slovenia and Finland (3.6 each), Belgium and the Netherlands (3.8 each), and the largest in Romania (8.3) Lithuania (7.5), Bulgaria (7.1), Spain (6.9), Greece and Latvia (6.5 each).

The states with low income inequality rates also have poverty rates far below the European average.

According to INS, last year people in wealthy households had 7.2 times higher incomes than the poor households.

According to the cited source, in 2016, the relative median deficit was 36.2%, i.e. it can be said that the poor had on average an available money income which represented 63.8% of the poverty threshold set for that year.




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