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Credit photo: Dragos Lumpan

Romanian architect invents Chillya, a 4.5sqm minimalist house

An architect from Bucharest has designed a minimalist house, measuring only 4.5 square meters for the city dwellers in search for the peace and silence in the wilds.

Matius Ichim, an architect with 20 years experience in the field, named his latest exquisite house Chillya, which can be considered an urban sanctum (chilie in Romanian), a kind of return to nature, to the simple things.

“I drafted the first house in 2013. I used to see it somewhere in the mountains area, in a clearing. This is where the idea of name came from: a sanctum for the urban saints,” Achim said, as quoted by Adevarul daily.

The name of the project comes from the English “chill” and the American “ya”, with the two terms might be interpreted as “relaxation for you”.

According to the house presentation on the website of the architecture studio, Chillya is an urge to relaxation and to the focus on the things that you like to do most.”
The prototype was built in 5 months and is now in Bucharest. Initially, there was bathroom or shower room in the house, but later it was re-designed to also host the facilities. Only one or two persons can be hosted, and the house doesn’t have any TV, washing machine or gas stove. The wood is the main construction material.

What is the cost of such a house? From EUR 12,000 to EUR 40,000, depending on the facilities.

What is its use? As a work place, therapy through art space, mediation space or just for tourist accommodation.

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