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Romanian Diaspora to stage rallies in Paris, Munich, Bilbao, Vienna – two months after the protest on August 10

Two months after the protest against the PSD-ALDE Government in Victoriei Square, staged on August 10 in Bucharest, which resulted in hundreds of injured people, the Romanian Diaspora will be in the street again, this time abroad.

Several rallies have been announced in Paris, Munich and Bilbao, ziare.com reports.

The rally in Paris is titled ‘Paris, we do not forget August 10, 2018! Two months without gassing,’ and has been authorized by the Police.

“Two months after the gassing and ill-treatment of the peaceful protesters, we request the punishment of those responsible! Dragnea, resign!” the Facebook page of the event reads. The Romanians involved have also posted photos from the last month’s rally, held on September 10, one month after the protest in Victoriei Square.

Protest rallies are also expected in Spain, Germany and Austria, the same source informs.

“We do not forget August 10! Diaspora in protest!” the United Movement of Diaspora in Spain informs, as a rally in front of the Romanian Consulate General in Bilbao is announced. “We want to know who the culprits are for the protest on August 10, in Victoriei Square! We want independent justice system, without political influence! No to amnesty! No to pardon! We want lustration for the political class!” the Facebook page of the protest organizers reads.

In Germany, the protest rally will take place in Munich. The organizers say they would not accept their opinions to be gassed or to be beaten for their beliefs. “We want the culprits to be investigated and judged for their deeds, regardless who they are and what positions have. We want to show solidarity with the Romanian people and to draw attention to the civil society in Munich, to the local media, to the German MEPs, to the Deputies in German Parliament, to the organisations for human rights and to other groups fighting for the freedom of expression, about the rule of law and about the European values. We strongly criticize the attacks against independent judiciary, which is prevented to investigate the events that took place on August 10,” the organizers wrote.

Another protest is expected in front of the Romanian Embassy in Vienna.

A protest has been announced also in Bucharest, in Victoriei Square, on Wednesday, called ‘We want the culprits on August 10 involved in the Gendarmerie-repression!”


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