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Romanian healthcare app for overweight kids gets EUR 1 M financing

A team of 7 technology information experts from Cluj has kicked off a project to develop a healthcare web platform, Wello, for mobile devices, to help families with overweight children to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle, based on a diet adequate to their age, on constant physical activity and playing.

Based on an Artificial Intelligence program, Wello will be launched this autumn.

The total value of the project mounts to EUR 1 million, with EUR 650,000 as a grant. The project was a winner within the 2014-2020 Operational Programme „Competitiveness”, co-financed by the European Fund of Regional Development.

Wello’s development started in August 2017, with the beta version to be launched this autumn, while the final version is due next year. The app is developed by Art Dynasty, a Romanian company specialized on User Interface and User Experience Design.

The app aims at helping overweight children to lose weight, considering that statistics say one in three children in Europe, aged from 6 to 9, are currently overweight or obese. The issue is even more acute in Romania, as our country ranks second in Europe on overweight children.

Wello addresses to families with children whose age is ranging from 8 to 14. How does it actually work?

It provides information about the children’s diet and how to create a healthy lifestyle, while providing customized  nutrition programmes and healthcare advice from dieticians, fitness trainers and general practitioners, based on the information collected and analysed by the AI about users (nap time, physical activity, weather forecast, etc).

The app also recommends locations where you could eat healthy or where there are healthy food suppliers, depending on the user’s house and on the customized nutrition plans.

Moreover, the platform allows the interaction with the devices meant to monitor the activity, such as fitness bracelets and smartwatches.

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