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Romanian president – Juncker talks in Brussels about PM Dancila’s letter on claimed judiciary interference

Romanian President has talked to the EC President Jean Claude Juncker in Brussels on Friday about the letter that PM Viorica Dancila had sent on alleged interference in the judiciary based on an EC’s CVM report dating back in 2012. Iohannis, who is attending the European Council meeting on Friday, said the concern is legitimate. The European Council meeting is to tackle economic issues, Brexit and foreign affairs, as well as the recent steps taken by the U.S. on imposing fees on aluminum and steel imports.

I saw that letter, it is not wrong, no accusation is being made, only it requires certain clarifications. Yes, I discussed it with president Juncker, he approached me and I told him it is a legitimate concern of the public opinion and of the political opinion in Romania and I asked him to Okay a team work that should seriously and thoroughly clarify the matter,” Iohannis said.

The head of state argued that the EC’s reply will be able to change the Romanians’ perceptions on the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism.

Personally, I don’t think it’s an interference in the judiciary act, but I don’t want to give an answer instead of the commission. I asked them to exhaustively tackle this issue and to come up with pertinent answers for, hence, it will derive an increase or a decrease of the CVM’ s credibility in our country. I think things will be clarified quickly and well,” the Romanian president added.

PM Viorica Dancila has recently sent a letter to the European Commission president, Jean Claude Juncker, asking for details about the EC’s 2012 note which contained names of some officials with legal problems.

About justice laws, US steel and aluminum tariffs

Iohannis also voiced hope that the justice laws would be improved after the final amending process in Parliament so that they could meet the society’s expectations.

I expect the laws will be improved (…) to meet the needs of the Romanian society. (…) After the laws arrive at the Presidency, I will analyse them and have a public statement, when I tell my opinion about certain articles and what I will eventually do about these laws, as in a first stage, I have several options considered,” Iohannis stated.

As for the latest measures announced by the US President Trump to impose steel and aluminum tariffs, Klaus Iohannis said he would plead during the council for the importance of the free commerce and he would underline that protectionist measures are not meant to support economic development worldwide. At the same time, Iohannis says that Romania is endorsing the acceleration of the negotiations with the EU’s major commercial partners, Mexic and Mercosur.

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