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Romanian Transports minister orders checks on Juncker aircraft landing, PM asks for full report after missing Monday meeting

Transports minister Lucian Sova has sent the Control Body to the Bucharest Airport Company to check the way procedures have been met in the case of EC President Jean – Claude Juncker’s landing in Bucharest on Monday, after PM Viorica Dancila, who was supposed to welcome him at the airport, had missed the meeting.

The meeting between Juncker and Dancila did not occur on Monday as the aircraft of the European official has landed earlier than scheduled.

The Government has explained later on that Juncker’s aircraft had indeed landed earlier, but also that the SPP officers had taken over Juncker’s official delegation from the aircraft steps and left directly to the hotel. The Government also blamed it on the traffic jam in Bucharest, arguing it took half of hour for the premier’s motorcade to get from the Victoriei Square to the Baneasa Airport.

So, PM Dancila has asked on Tuesday the General Secretariat of the Government to provide her with a full report on this case, to probe into the way the protocol envisaged to meet Jean-Claude Juncker has been prepared and the meeting organized.

PM Dancila has eventually met the EC President on Tuesday at Baneasa airport. She went to the venue one hour earlier and waited for Jean Claude Juncker and she welcomed him together with the European Commissioner Corina Cretu.

The Romanian Government has published some photos and videos from the meeting, but on mute, as it happened before in the past, although it can be seen in the video the two officials were having a discussion.

The two officials had a cordial discussion, whose main topic was the preparation of the future Romanian Presidency of the EU Council. The head of the Executive has reaffirmed her commitment to ensure a successful mandate, targeted towards bringing the European Union closer to citizens and towards ensuring unity and cohesion among member states,” reads a press release issued by the Government later on.

Juncker’s aircraft – engine trouble on takeoff

The aircraft of the EC President has faced some engine trouble upon taking off and has been delayed, as one of the engines had to be restarted.

The Challenger 850 aircraft was scheduled to take off at 13:30hr.

Sweden’s Embassy posts new ironic message … this time on traffic jam

Referring to the traffic jam invoked by the Government to explain why the prime minister missed the meeting with the EC President Juncker, the Swedish Embassy in Bucharest posted a Facebook post, explaining why Stockholm does not have traffic jam issues anymore.

Back in 2005 Stockholm was facing traffic jams. But nowadays one doesn’t have to leave a lot earlier to arrive on time, since Stockholm found a solution for traffic congestion,” says the embassy’s posts, also attaching a YouTube video explaining “how to solve traffic jams”.

Sweden Embassy used to publish other suggestive posts referring to the current news in Romania. After PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea stated that four foreigners came to Romania some time ago, with the intention of killing him, Sweden Embassy posted a story about the murder against King Gustav III. The embassy released an information about the Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces Micael Bydén who joined Europride in Stockholm to show the army’s support to the event, after the Romanian Senate adopted the citizens’ initiative to amend Constitution and redefine marriage as a union between “a man and a woman”.

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