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Romanians – eight hours without electricity in 2016

Every Romanian spent, on average, eight hours without electricity last year. However, the duration varied depending on the region.

The national aggregated electricity average disconnection rate for consumers was of 473 minutes in 2016 for a consumer connected to the distribution system, according to the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE), e-nergia.ro informs.

One of the most relevant indicators taken into account to measure the quality of the power supply service is the System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI): the average duration of network interruptions per user, representing the average interruption time at the distribution operator level, calculated as weighted average, by dividing the cumulative duration of long interruptions to the total number of users served by the operator.

On average, at the national level, the SAIDI cumulative index was 473 minutes (scheduled and accidental stops) in 2016, i.e. almost eight hours, down from the 519 minutes reported by ANRE in 2015.

Of the 473 minutes, 183 minutes represent the average of the planned interruptions for each customer, and 290 minutes represents the average duration of the unplanned interruptions. The duration of the interruptions varies greatly between the eight electricity distribution areas in Romania, but also between urban and rural areas.

The inhabitants of Muntenia Sud (Bucharest, Ilfov, Giurgiu) were least affected by cuts in electricity supply, with Enel as supplier -232 minutes in total; the Romanians in Moldavia region, supplied by E.On (Delgaz Grid) were without electricity 616 minutes in 2016.

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