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Romania’s prime minister = Romania’s most unpopular person? (Analysis of social and online media)

The Romanian political life has been far from peaceful in 2018 – we have seen many scandals since January. Social listening helps discovering all the online contents (let it be a piece of news or a comment on Facebook) about a specific topic, thus we can look behind the scenes, and find out, what is the general public opinion about a particular hot topic or brand. For this time, checked the online mentions about current prime minister, Viorica Dancila. What 2018 has brought for Dancila so far? Find out from the article.


The new year began with a change of the prime minister: Mihai Tudose had to resign in January after his party — the Social Democrat Party (PSD) — withdrew backing for him in an overwhelming vote because of the many scandals he generated in the political atmosphere. With Neticle’s social listening tool we did a quick research about it, too. After that, Viorica Dancila got the leading role, but her first months has not been seamless either.

Suddenly in the spotlight

Figure 1: Online mentions about Dancila in the last 6 months. The blue area shows the period before she was nominated a prime minister (Source: Netice <https://neticle.ro>)

Before nominated as prime minister, the (online) life around Dancila was quiet, only few mentions appeared on the web associated with her name or political activity.

This changed rapidly when she was nominated, on 16th January. On that day, more mentions appeared on the web about Dancila, than on 29th January, when she became appointed. Good indicator of her sudden fame that many articles appeared on the web with the same question: who is actually Dancila?

Scandals, successes

Let’s look at Dancila’s successes: this is a short list, no positive events are marked with her name. In the first 6 months of 2018 she was mentioned 130 220 times on the Romanian web, but there were no day with positive daily web opinion index. I means that the public online opinion about her is constantly negative (see Figure 2).

Figure 2: Dancila’s online assessment in the last 6 months. The chart shows each day’s value according to the daily mentions, indicating that the majority of the daily mentions (thousands of them) were mostly negative (Source: Neticle)

She hasn’t been extremely popular, to say the least. On the contrary, many scandals are tied to her name.

A black friday

The most salient day was 27th April with the most mentions in general, namely more than 11 000. The reason for this huge number of hits was Romanian President Klaus Iohannis’s announcement, in which he demanded Dancila’s resignation after she took a visit in Israel without an official mandatory as prime minister. It generated questions about the legitimacy of the visit, but neither Dancila nor the Parliament reacted. They questioned the President’s scope of authority on that matter, and said that they didn’t find the journey to Israel problematic.

Social listening is not only good for measuring the public online opinion in connection with a topic, brand, industry sector etc, but with the help of a social listening tool the most active authors, a.k.a the opinion leaders can be identified, too.

Although many have their opinion about the current prime minister, the noisiest Facebook group, and also with the most negative attitude towards Dancila was the one marked by the former prime minister’s name, Dacian Ciolos. The obvious purpose of the members is to have Dancila resign, so it’s not suprising that her name appeared in a positive context only 89 times, as opposed to the more than 1000 negative mentions. The second of the most active Facebook groups was grup de sustinere – RO + “Platforma Romania 100” si USR, which has the purpose of supporting people who fight for democracy.

Figure 3: In the Facebook groups named “Dacian Ciolos” and “grup de sustinere – RO + “Platforma Romania 100” si USR” the most active online discussion was generated about Viorica Dancila (Source: Neticle)*

Where we are now?

The indignation in April calmed down, there has been fewer online mentions since then.

The Neticle Mention map shows the contents by type (on which platform they appeared) and polarity (based on the web opinion index value). The amount and size of the blue circles decline after April, which indicates that it is the Facebook activity that has got more silent lately, but the online media is still publishing about Dancila (indicated with green circles). So the current public opinion is not that harsh now as it was in a few months ago, but still, her unpopularity is rather huge.

*Regarding Facebook group mentions the data holds to the period 1st January – 25 May, because of the more severe data protection regulations.

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