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Romania’s Tap Busters, 1M downloads, becomes one of the most downloaded local titles

Tap Busters, the first product of Bucharest-based Metagame Studio, has reached its first major milestone, surpassing 1 million downloads on iOS and Android devices, following the title’s official launch in November 2017, a press release informs.

The game is the result of the studio’s collaboration with Carbon, a Romanian games incubator / accelerator set up by several industry veterans with the mission to support independent game developers in the region.

Tap Busters was published globally by Tilting Point, a US-based mobile games publisher.

Tap Busters is free-to-play tapper game which incorporates action RPG (Role Playing Game) elements with unique artwork, which was created by internationally acclaimed artist Noper. The player’s mission is to become a bounty hunter and tap the screen to destroy evil monsters. Throughout the game the players have at their disposal a wide array of equipment and minions, to help them in their missions.

The game has currently an average rating of 4.7/5 on Android and 4.8/5 on iOS. An estimated 30 percent of Tap Busters players come from the United States, while Romania is among the top 15 countries in terms of downloads.

“The success of Tap Busters, which was our first major game launch, shows exactly what Carbon is all about – enabling indie developers to reach their full potential. This success also shows that our unique business model brings value to the developers and can generate excellent results for all the stakeholders involved” said Catalin Butnariu, General Manager for Carbon.

In turn, Daniel Nay, co-founder and CEO of Metagame, said the game developers are continuously working on introducing new features and fresh content to keep the players engaged more than ever.


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