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RON 78bn – value of agricultural production in 2017

The value of agricultural production in 2017 was of RON 78.494 billion (approx.. EUR 17 billion), the largest share being registered in the South-Muntenia development region, the National Statistics Institute (INS) informs on Monday.

The agricultural production index in 2017 against 2016 was of 112.5% overall, of 119.5% for plant production and of 99.6% for animal production.

In terms of agricultural services, it was generally insignificant in 2017, having a 1.2% share in the agricultural production nationwide.

INS further informs that in 2017, the plant production increased by 37.1% in the South-West Oltenia development region and by 7.8% in the Central development region.

The animal production registered increases of 4.5% in the West region and of 0.4% in the South-East development region. Nevertheless, decreases were also registered, in the North-Eastern region by 3.2% and in the South-Munteania development region by 2.1%.

The structure of production in 2017 is almost the same as in the previous year. In plant production, the largest share was registered by South-Muntenia development region (20.9%), South-East (19.2%) and North-East (14.3%) and in animal production by North-East development region (18.9%), South-Muntenia (15.7%) and North-West, Central (14.6%).

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