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RON hits new record low vs. EUR, the sixth consecutive day

The national currency hit a new historic low of 4.7142 units per EUR as a result of a 0.13% appreciation of the European currency on Monday, according to the National Bank of Romania (BNR).

This is the sixth day of consecutive growth, continuing the trend last week.

Last week, the RON/EUR exchange rate soared, surpassing new historical records: on Friday at 4.6975 units, Thursday at 4.6890 units, Wednesday at 4.6830 units, Tuesday at 4.6822 units.

The national currency returned to depreciation before the EUR on Tuesday, January 15.

Thus, in almost two weeks, the EUR/RON exchange rate has increased by 0.768%.

The national currency is also weaker against the US Dollar, as the exchange rate of the American currency appreciated by 0.28% to the RON reaching 4.1491 units, the seventh consecutive day of growth.

The CHF/RON exchange rate increased to 4.1621 units, up from 4.1501 on Monday.

The gram of gold is on Tuesday RON 171.2866, up from RON 170.1500 the day before.

While in Aachen, Germany on Tuesday, President Klaus Iohannis has reacted to the development of the EUR/RON exchange rate, blaming the ruling party for this poor performance.

“Of course there is reason for concern. I’ve said it and I don’t like it, but I have to repeat: PSD does not understand economy and PSD rules badly. The result is obvious and is reflected in the exchange rate and in many other figures that show things are not working right,” the President said.


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