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Rovana Plumb, interim minister of Education

President Iohannis has signed the decree nominating Rovana Plumb as interim minister of Education.

Plumb, also minister for European Funds, has been rumored for this position since last week, few days after the resignation of Valentin Popa.

Ecaterina Andronescu, a longtime member of the Social Democrat Party, former minister of Education in other previous Governments and rector of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, has been also rumored for this position.

Valentin Popa resigned from the Education minister position last Thursday following a discussion with the PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea previously in the morning.

However, Dragnea has not mentioned the minister would resign at the end of discussions when he came out for press statements.

Popa’s resignation comes amid suspension of the collaboration protocol of the ruling coalition with the Democrat Union of Magyars in Romania (UDMR) over the issue of teaching Romanian in the Hungarian speaking schools in the country.

Valentin Popa told mass media that he had resigned because he had not agreed with UDMR’s request that the ordinance on the Romanian classes at the national minorities schools should be amended.

I don’t agree with the UDMR’s request to adopt the ordinance provision that says the Romanian classes should be taught in the national minorities languages. UDMR would like these classes to be outside the basis norm and that schoolmasters who taught Romanian in the languages of the minorities should get wages higher by 20%. I announced Mrs. premier that I quit,” Popa said.

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