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Row over residency exam in Bucharest this year

A new scandal affected the residency exam this year. Papers of all 2,500 candidates in Bucharest have been re-corrected after the first test samples proved to be incorrect.

The exam consisted in a sample test with 200 questions that had to be filled in over four hours.

The scandal started with the test samples for the graduates who wanted to specialize in dentistry. After the pages were scanned, they found out that results remained below 500 points out of 950 possible. Several youngsters signaled the irregularities, arguing they obtained too low scores, with the test samples proving to be wrong. After several hours, the Health Ministry decided that all papers should be re-evaluated and new memory sticks should be sent in the exam halls, with the correct scale.

The future doctors complained that the new scales also contained errors, denouncing soft errors. Under these circumstances, some candidates said they would prefer a manual correction, arguing the residency process has not been very transparent this year and there have been more problems than the previous years.

The rector of the Medicine and Pharmacy Faculty in Bucharest, Ionel Sinescu, retorted that those who have doubts after the two corrections could file appeals and their paper would be re-corrected in front of them. The rector argued that manual correction is not possible, considering that the Health Ministry is the one to establish the methodology.

A decision if these results will remain final is expected on Monday. The repartition at national level is due at the end of the week.

Over 6,800 medicine graduates have taken the residency exam in six university centres on Sunday, competing for only 4,000 jobs, most of them for general medicine. The toughest competition was at the dentistry, with 4.9 candidates for a position.

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