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Royal House: King Michael’s condition still concerning, but not worsened

The Royal House of Romania informed in a press release on Sunday that King Michael’s general condition has not worsened in the past two weeks, although it is still concerning. According to the source, doctors told Crown Princess Margareta that she can return to Romania for now.

King Michael’s general condition has not aggravated since the last press release on November 6, His Majesty’s vital signs are constant. Doctors have administered him a medication that can facilitate his breath and sleep. Yet, His Majesty is still in a concerning health condition. The pronounced decrease of his physical and communication abilities, as well as the impossibility of walk without help have remained at the same level,” reads the Royal House’s release.

The quoted sources say that doctors are reviewing King Michael’s health condition on a daily basis.

Doctors told that Crown Princess Margareta (who is at the king’s residence together with her husband, Prince Radu) can return to Romania for now to resume her public activities, considering His Majesty’s stable condition. Doctors consider that King Michael’s transfer from his private residence to the hospital is too risky. They are unanimous on recommending that the treatment given to His Majesty should focus now on preventing pain and maintaining the Sovereign’s physical and psychical comfort,” says the release.

The Royal House added that the only the King’s Daughters and Metropolitan Iosif (or his envoy) will be able to see His Majesty.

The Head of the Romanian Royal House, Andrew Popper stated several days ago in a TV interview that the former king’s condition “is very precarious”, but stable for the moment.

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