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Sâncrai Castle, the gemstone in the heart of Transylvania

The castle from Sâncrai, Alba County, was built in 1805 by the Kemény family and it is located 30 kilometers away from Alba Iulia. The castle was built in a mixture of styles, respecting the mainly baroque principles, the French Baroque, characterized by a more classical morphology and the one from Northern Italy and Bohemia, characterized by dynamic shapes also with mixed elements of Art Nouveau and eclectic classicism.

The castle underwent changes over the years, while serving as social assistance center during 1947 and 2005.

After 2005, the castle was dismantled. The building itself and the surrounding ground belong to the public domain of Alba County and is managed by the Alba County Council. The construction covers an area of ​​781 square meters and has an area of ​​several hectares which enables even organizing festivals with thousands of participants.

The story of Sâncrai castle continued in 2011, when Alba County Council accessed European funding for a social economy project in horticulture, namely for rose cultivation. As the whole project also included an office, besides the land needed for growing the roses, one of the old wings of the castle was used as headquarters.

An 84 square-meter space was upgraded and the roof of the building underwent some repairs. According to Adevarul, the total restoration cost mounted to RON 4.2 million, with 75% of the money coming from the County Council and the rest being provided by the European funding.

The restoration of the castle was made with the help of experts, who paid special attention to the elements that gave it authenticity throughout history. Details that have been preserved untouched through the ages were valorized and new spaces were opened to the public, such as the attic, which became today’s exhibition area. The top floor is a space for exhibitions, with professional lighting system and an ambiance that highlights the exhibited works, whether it’s about paintings exhibitions of photography.

Up to the tower’ terrace, over 20 meters high, items and antiques were kept, such as a table and some iron chairs. You can enjoy here coffee or tea while you admire the beautiful scenery on both sides of Mures River. Sâncrai Castle host now the Cultural Center.

The Castle’ domain is developing to accommodate large-scale outdoor events, with a capacity between 2,000 and 5,000 people.

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