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Savarsin Castle in Arad has new look after 8 years of restoration works

The Royal Family inaugurates today the new revamped Savarsin Castle after eight years of restoration works, celebrating the end of a process that King Mihai I and Crown Princess Margareta wished to be an example for the Romanian society.

The event takes place in the castle’s garden, right at the entrance, with Crown Princess Margareta and Prince Radu attending the ceremony, along with local authorities, representatives of religious and civil society in Arad, according to a notice on the Royal Family’s blog.

Revamping indoor and outdoor works will be commissioned next to the works of restoring the furniture and the interior decorations, which were completely lost in 1948.

According to the Royal Family, hundreds of masters have worked to restore the castle in all these eight years- carpenters, builders, blacksmiths, weavers, cabinet makers, silversmiths, brass, ceramics and porcelain workers, floorers, plumbers, electricians, IT experts, many times working side by side with the members of Royal Family.

The Royal House mentions that the employees of the House, as well as external co-workers from Savarsin and other neighboring communes had an important contribution during those eight years of restorations.

The domain in Savarsin also comprises other small size old buildings that will be restored during the upcoming years in a reconstruction process that will serve as training for the young Romanians willing to master arts and crafts.

Tuesday’s inauguration will be followed by an open-air demonstration of the Romanian Association of Model Plane Flying. The event is dedicated to King Mihai’s birthday, who turned 94 on Sunday.

The restoration works have lasted since May 2007 until October 2015 and were conducted following an initial plan made by the Royal Castle’s architect Serban Sturdza. Subsequently, architects Eugen Panescu and Emilian Cordos made their own design contributions, with professor architect Augustin Ioan providing consultancy and David Baxter, the built patrimony expert also collaborating.

While Savarsin castle was seized from the Royal Family by the Romanian communist authorities in 1948, in 2000, a Romanian court ordered that the building be restored to King Mihai I of Romania. On 30 December 2007, the 60th anniversary of his abdication, King Michael chose Savarsin as the location for the signing of the new statutes defining the role and powers of the royal family.

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