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Savarsin Castle, revamped following Queen Elena’s diary. Investment would have mounted to EUR 1 M

The restoration works of the Savarsin Royal Castle, commissioned on Tuesday in the presence of the Crown Princess Margareta and Prince Radu, were carried out following the information in the Queen Elena’s diary. According to sources in the local administration, the investment exceeded EUR 1 million, with most of the money coming from private donations.

“The castle has the queen’s spirit, the king’s spirit, it’s a historical place and we want it to stay that way (…) It’s a beauty and we are proud that we can leave a high-quality thing for the future, something carried out by people who had their heart in this work and I thank them in the name of my father, King Mihai,” Crown Princess Margareta said.savarsin renov

She revealed that, after the castle had been seized by communist in mid 20th century, everything was stolen, but some locals donated old things to recompose the original interior design of the castle.

Crown Princess Margareta also disclosed that the oldest object in the castle is a clock brought from Florence, from the Queen Mother Elena, but there is also a wooden gate dating back around the year of 1500.

“The King saw photos of every stage of the works. He used to tell us what is not looking like in the past. He came and told us what the garage should look like. He helped us with a lot of information,” the princess added.

According to the representative of the construction company that carried out the works, a layer of soil was removed from around the castle so that it should look 90 centimeters higher.

The Royal House informed that the outdoor domain of the castle and the park surrounding it will open to the public starting next year, while the indoor access will be restricted, as the castle has the rank of a private residence.

Read more details on the restoration here: http://www.romaniajournal.ro/savarsin-castle-in-arad-has-new-look-after-8-years-of-restoration-works/_MG_1042


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