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Sebastian Ghita grants interview 15 months after fleeing Romania, makes serious allegations

Former Social Democrat deputy, formerly known as IT tycoon in Romania, Sebastian Ghita granted an interview to “Evenimentul zilei” daily, 15 months after fleeing the country to escape criminal charges and jail in Romania, where he was  investigated in several corruption files.

Ghita, who has been eventually caught in the neighbouring country, Serbia, has now come up with new accusations against DNA head Kovesi and former SRI deputy director Coldea, saying he has left the country for he was afraid for his life. Moreover, Ghita launches an unprecedented attack against some ambassadors accredited in Romania, whom he doesn’t name though, only mentioning some countries they represent.

Ghita says he understands why Kovesi is still the anti-corruption chief prosecutor, arguing she benefits of a ‘strong support’. The former PSD MP, still claims that Laura Codruta Kovesi and Florian Coldea used to be his friends.

I sincerely thought that at some point some internal mechanisms (editor note-within SRI) will clear things up. I know these two people well, I know with which embassies they have worked with, I know they have a strong support, and it’s clear to me why Kovesi is not stepping down today,” Ghita told journalist Ion Cristoiu.

Ghita also told that he was afraid of the anti-corruption prosecutors Negulescu and Portocala from Ploiesti, who used to work on his cases. He claims he has not planned to flee Romania, but he was afraid of the two investigators. “I am curious when I meet my friend Codruta (e.n. Kovesi) if she has complotted with the two characters to do what they have done to me. I was afraid of this man, you saw Portocala. I didn’t know if he would beat me or not,” Ghita stated, adding that Negulescu was “exaggerated”.

I am no fugitive (…) I knew he had prepared some scrappers to beat me in prison, he used to brag to Andreea Cosma that he I am finished, that I am a dead man walking. If I could not convince anyone in Bucharest that the man is crazy, what else I could do than leave?” Ghita continued.

The former SocDem deputy explained that the video footages aired after his escape had been made by him and left in an envelope in the editorial office of his TV, Romania TV.

“I didn’t know if these people would get me or not, if they will hit cross me, and I wanted to warn over some things that can happen in Romania and to say how I experienced them.”

He revealed he had decided to leave the country right in the middle of a SRI party, a day before he left, when he saw the attitude of the people around him towards him. “I was the dead man walking, I had a nasty feeling. To be afraid for your life. Everyone pitied me”.

About his relation with Florian Coldea, Ghita said he had just wanted to look in his eyes one more time. “I have never imagined he will not take me seriously, two-three years (…) I know the system very well, I could not accept the retort: < The people from DNA have gone mad>. I had 100 discussions with him. It’s a very serious, cunning guy.

Ghita also claimed he had a picture with him and Kovesi at his place, but he didn’t show it, saying he will not make it public, to be the one who is causing “the fall of this lady Kovesi”.

Harsh attack against embassies, ambassadors

Ghita said that Belgium’s ambassador (e.n. he doesn’t mention his name) asked Dragnea to give him the North Station in Bucharest without any auction, for a real estate project.

The first supports of the binomial system are the ones in the US Embassy. You also saw those from the Netherlands’ embassy, the France or UK embassies (…),” the former MP opined, adding that the Dutch ambassador would have a criminal case at the Court of Appeal.

It’s a public case investigated by the Romanian authorities, which is at the Court of Appeal, revealing that the Netherlands’ ambassador has been caught with an Arab citizen stealing. Mrs. Kovesi is also taking care of these interests which are not in favor of the Romanian state and of removing Romanian companies from the market. Mr. Dragnea told me about Belgium’s ambassador, who had the nerve to come to his office and told him: <Give me the North Station without auction> to develop a real estate project. There is not one minister in Romania who cannot recount that, after having been appointed, they could not push the door because of how many ambassadors were there,” Ghita claimed.

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