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Second ordinary session of Parliament starts on Monday. On the table – controversial bills, investigation committees

The second ordinary session of the Parliament begins on Monday, September 3, and will end, according to the Constitution, by the end of December.

Senate Speaker, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, has convened on Monday, at 13.00h, the Senate Standing Bureau to start the constitutional procedures. At 14.00h the parliamentary groups will meet and the first plenary session is scheduled at 16.00h.

The Deputies will also start procedures. Chamber of Deputies Speaker, Liviu Dragnea, has convened the second ordinary session in 2018 on September 3, at 16.00h, a release posted on the chamber’s website reads, ziare.com informs.

“On the same day, the Chamber of Deputies Standing Bureau will meet in order to appoint the deputy speakers, secretaries and the quaestors,” the quoted source informs.

According to the regulations of the two Parliament chambers, the new leaderships will be elected by secret vote with balls upon the proposal of the parliamentary groups, considering the share of each one, the political configuration and the negotiations between the leaders of parliamentary groups.

On the agenda there are several important draft bills. PSD leader, Liviu Dragnea, has promised to promote the pension bill this autumn.

“This summer I will work along with my colleagues, Mrs. Olguta Vasilescu (Labour Minister – our note), Mrs. Prime Minister and other colleagues. This autumn we want to approach the pension law,” Dragnea said in early July.

The Parliament will have to review the offshore law, following the refusal of President Klaus Iohannis to promulgate it and the return of the bill to the Parliament.

President Iohannis has also requested the Parliament that, when the autumn session resumes, to review the three laws of justice, so that “the impact on the judicial system is minimal,” although it is hard to believe the PSD-ALDE majority will meet the demand.

During the months of September and October, important decisions of the Constitutional Court are expected, regarding the criminal codes and also viewpoints issued by the Venice Commission and GRECO, the Parliament being compelled to amend the already adopted draft laws.

PNL has announced it will initiate a draft bill regarding the electronic vote and PMP wants to amend the electoral law, so that the mayors are elected in two rounds.

ALDE has announced recently it will propose a bill to regulate the lobby, within the context of the scandal started by the letter addressed by Rudolph Giuliani to President Klaus Iohannis and to members of the Government.

The setting up of an investigation committee on the rally on August 10 is likely. The opposition says it would file a simple motion against Interior Minister Carmen Dan and a censure motion against the Dancila cabinet is not impossible.

Another draft bill that has drawn the attention of the public opinion and has disturbed the PSD-ALDE majority is the civil initiative #Fara penali (#No criminally convicted – our note) in public offices. USR has gathered more than one million signatures. The lists need to be confirmed by the city halls and the draft is to be officially submitted to Parliament by September 21, by the law.



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