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Second selection for DNA top position kicks off

The second campaign to select the candidates running for the anti-corruption chief prosecutor position has kicked off on Monday and it will last for one month. Interviews of the candidates are scheduled in early September, with a conclusion being presented on September 6.

The Justice Ministry will host the selection campaign to name a head for the vacant chief prosecutor position of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA).

The list of the candidates who meet the legal requirements to join the race and the interview appointment will be displayed at the Justice Ministry’s HQ and also on the ministry’s website on August 29.

The contenders will be interviewed by the Justice minister during September 3-5. The interviews will be also attended by the secretaries of state. Results will be revealed on September 6.

At the same time on Monday, Romania’s Prosecutor General, Augustin Lazar, called upon the chief prosecutors of the prosecutor’s offices upon the courts of appeal, as well as other prosecutors with management expertize within the Public Ministry, to join the selection for the DNA’s helm.


Candidates will have to present their project to exert the position of DNA chief prosecutor, to present the unit/structure of the anti-corruption body, to identify potential vulnerabilities and dysfunctions in the activity of DNA, as well as to propose solutions to prevent and remove these dysfunctions. The candidates will also have to suggest steps to improve the managerial activity.

The ministry will check the candidates’ manager aptitudes, probing on their organization capacity and the capacity of assuming responsibilities, on how quickly they take decisions, on how suited they are to stand stress and on how they can plan things on short, medium and long term.

A good candidate for the DNA top position will have to understand to organized the directorate to defend the rule of law and the citizens’ rights and freedoms. They will have to easily adapt and communicate and collaborate with their co-workers and to work in a team.

The Justice minister will check the candidates’ law knowledge, as well as their motivation to run for this position, their conduct, integrity and professional ethics.

Also on Monday, Justice Ministry announced that minister Tudorel Toader is on annual leave as of Monday, August 6 until August 17.

Justice Minister rejected  all candidates for DNA top position within the first selection campaign running about two weeks ago, which led to the procedure’s resuming.

During the selection process the conclusion was that none of the candidates meets the requests in order to be assigned as Chief Prosecutor with the DNA. During the managing programme or the interview, none of the candidates has presented sufficient fundamental elements based on an analysis of the current situation which should allow, consequently, an objective and transparent process of assessing the managing performances,” the Justice Ministry announced back then.

The four initial candidates were:

  • Florentina Mirica – prosecutor-chief of department for fighting corruption with DNA;
  • Cristian Lazar – deputy chief prosecutor of the Department for Criminal Prosecution with the Prosecutor General’s Office;
  • Marius Iacob – deputy chief prosecutor with DNA;
  • Elena Grecu – prosecutor, chief of department in the DNA central structure.

The position of DNA chief prosecutor is vacant after the decree signed on July 9 by President Klaus Iohannis to dismiss former head Laura Codruta Kovesi, decree issued after a Constitutional Court decision.

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