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Five in six Liberal leaders of district branches resign over poor results in local elections

Senator Ion Popa quits PNL to join ALDE

Arges County Senator, Ion Popa, has announced on Wednesday he resigns from PNL to join ALDE.

The Senator claims he is a supporter of liberal values and principles for 16 years and has gone through a period of challenges.

“Unfortunately, the past elections did not have the expected results, so I assumed the failure and I have resigned from all party positions. I’ve found out I was considered one of the few responsible…” Ion Popa said, according to ziare.com.

He argues that things have gone worse. “Others, as responsible as me, are now in high positions, they are the ones making the decisions in PNL. The members who have worked during the campaigns, who are devoted to liberal ideas, are not taken into consideration, while the traitors are promoted and appreciated,” the Senator said.

“I haven’t deserted the liberal doctrine, I have only left behind people who have disappointed me. I guarantee to all my former comrades that I remain the same good friend dedicated to our common principles,” Ion Popa said.



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