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Seven in ten Romanian employees are working overtime

Almost 70 per cent of the Romanian employees in the private sector are still working overtime, either due to the heavier workload or because they want to be more competitive, reads a study by BestJobs.

More than half of those who work overtime say the main reason for that is the large amount of work, while 27 per cent say they are doing it following their employers’ pressures, as the they extra hours as a proof of getting involved in the company’s activity. At the same time, 10 per cent prefer to work in their spare time because they want to be better than their colleagues. Only 9 per cent of the respondents said they are working overtime out of passion for their work.

However, the study reveals that the gap between the working hours and the personal spare time has been reduced in the past years also amid the technology revolution. Thus, 40 pc of the employees working overtime say they do this because the have easier access to Internet, including through their mobile phones and they frequently check their office email and reply to messages related to their job.

The report says that the employees in leadership positions work at least 10 extra hours per month. 80% of the employees in the middle management spend at least half an hour at home or at the office to finish their work, while other 15 pc work overtime more than an hour.

According to the study’s authors , around 85% of the employees in the IT and finance sectors, engineers, but also those with liberal professions such as architects, designers or lawyers work more than 8 hours a day. Despite it, only 22 pc of those working overtime claim they are paid for the extra hours.

The survey was conducted during August 15-September 30 on 1,230 respondents from the cities, aged from 18 to 65.

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