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Simple motion against Justice minister fails

The plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies has rejected the simple motion against Justice minister on Wednesday. Entitled “The Justice minister, an F minister” has been initiated by PNL and USR and asked for Tudorel Toader’s resignation.

The deputies rejected the motion by 171 votes to 99 and 5 abstentions. Seven MPs did not vote at all.

The text of the motion said that Minister Toader is to blame for the fact that the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism is becoming more and more distant goal for Romanians.

The motion also states that the Justice minister is “a mere tool” at the hand of those disturbed by an independent justice and that he had politicized the judiciary system. The document contains 20 points, exactly like in the reports conducted by minister Toader through which he had proposed the dismissal of ex-DNA head Kovesi and of the Prosecutor General Lazar.

At the same time, Toader is accused of breaking the law by promoting the GEO in the justice laws, that he had given “a present” to the criminals.

During the debates in the plenary session, minister Toader told MPs that a comeback to the normality in the justice system is needed.

He added that no judge or prosecutor had not admitted he was wrong when he indicted an innocent person, thus referring to the accusation in the motion that the criminally convicted politicians “are victimizing themselves” and deny the courts’ rulings.

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