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Six companies, including a big Japanese group , fined by the Competition Council for rigging tender

The Competition Council has fined six companies for anti-competitive practices in Romania, including a Japanese world communication technology group. The fine, worth RON 9 million (around EUR 2 million), has been applied following an investigation kicked off at the end of 2015, after Ancom 96 company had filed a complaint.

The Competition Council determined that six companies had struck a deal with the aim of restricting the maintenance services for the equipment of the sea-going vessels.

More precisely, the Council has found out that Japan Radio Co producer and its distributors Alphatron Marine (the Japan Radio representative in Europe), Navtron, Polar Denizcilikve Deniz Malzemeleri, Alhoutyam and Space Electronics had agreed to remove Ancom 96 from the tender held by the Romanian Border Police in 2015 in the view of purchasing maintenance services for the Voyage Data Recorder JCY-1850 equipment on the Romanian territory.

Japan Radio Co. Was,  a Japanese company specialising in the field of wireless electronics for the communications industry, was established in Japan more than 100 years ago and has a turnover of over USD 1 billion.

According to a press release, Ancom 96 subcontracted another dealer, as it was not an authorized distributor for Japan Radio, but the subcotractor dropped the contract following pressures made by the producer. Japan Radio would have also imposed other distributors not to accept the subcontracting to prevent competing with Navtron, bidder and distributor of the Japan Radio’s products in Romania. Therefore, Ancom 96 was removed from the tender held by the Border Police.

Japan Radio Co (Japan) has received a fine of EUR 1.6 M, Alphatron Marine (The Netherlands) – EUR 168,018, Space Electronics (Greece) – EUR 73,544, Alhoutyam (Israel) -EUR 15,147, Navtron (Romania) – EUR 9,171 and Polar Denizcilikve Deniz Malzemeleri (Turkey) – EUR 7,328.

Japan Radio and Alphatron Marine have applied for leniency proceedings, providing documents and information to the competition authorities, thus benefiting of reductions of fines ranging from 30% to 40%.

At the same time, Japan Radio, Navtron, Alphatron Marine, Alhoutyam and Space Electronics admitted they had committed the anti-competitive deed and also benefited of reductions of fine from 15% up to 30%.

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