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Gov’t grants EUR 100 M to SMEs. EU Commissioner Cretu welcomes the decision

SMEs, against fiscal amnesty

More than two thirds of the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) do not support the idea of fiscal amnesty put on debate by PSD, arguing that such a decision will worsen the problems they face.

The National Council of Small and Medium Sized Private Enterprises in Romania (CNIPMMR) asked 324 members if they agree or not with fiscal amnesty the Finance Minister talked about lately.

Fin Min Eugen Teodorovici stressed lately the amnesty will regard mainly the state companies, with huge debts, which are unable to repay them.

A CNIPMMR release informs that there are 11,131 natural persons as debtors. Indebted state companies included, on September 30, 2017, some 500 companies with overall debts amounting to RON 13.3 billion. The most indebted is Electrocentrale Bucharest with RON 800 million debts, followed by Hunedoara Energy Complex with RON 735 million, having the state as main shareholder.

The CNIPMMR survey reads that 76.2% of the entrepreneurs do not support the fiscal amnesty. Only 44.4% would stand to win following the amnesty by not paying some penalties to the state.

Less than one quarter of the entrepreneurs says the fiscal amnesty would have positive consequences.

Most of them claim that fiscal amnesty would stimulate the debtors to fail paying the cumulated debts to the state and would stimulate tax evasion.

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