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SocDem senator wants to pardon corruption

SocDem senator wants to pardon corruption

Despite massive protests this winter, the Social Democrat Party insists with the pardon law.

PSD senator Serban Nicolae, leader of the Legal committee in the upper chamber, the Senate, wants to amend the pardon draft bill adopted by the Grindeanu cabinet.

Among others, the SocDem senator wants the persons convicted for corruption to be pardoned, including for bribe taking and bribery, influence peddling and abuse of office, the charges that are mostly spread among the high-ranking officials taken to court. The draft also proposes the pardon of the sentences up to ten years in prison, in certain conditions.

Hotnews.ro reports that the amedments have been filed in the legal committee, with debates on the draft starting on Tuesday.

In the Government’s initial draft, the corruption crimes stipulated at articles 289-294 from the Criminal Code, the abuse of office and conflict of interests were excepted from pardon.

Asked by the journalists to explain the reasons that made him file those amendments, Serban Nicolae refused to present arguments, saying he would present them in the legal committee’s sitting on Tuesday.

“Why can’t you wait until tomorrow? I want to stop these useless discussions, with speculations in the media before going to the public debate (…) I don’t think the corrupt people must stay three in one bed, in damp, precarious hygiene conditions and so on, while other categories of criminals should stay in conditions….,” Nicolae said.

The SocDem senator added that, if the draft law on pardon had been adopted in the form he has tabled, “some 2,700 peeople” would benefit of the pardon, meaning “less than 10% of the people in detention”.

More precisely, “sentences to three years in prison included” would be pardoned, as well as “sentences to seven years in prison, whose jail time has begun, while the rest of the jail time is less than 3 years.”

At the same time, for sentences to prison and when inmates have to serve more than 4 years behing bars, the sentence would be cut by three years.

Sentences up to ten years in prison, whose jail time has started and the rest to serve is less than 4 years, would be partially pardoned, by three fourths from the rest of the sentence.

When the prisoner has to stay more than 4 years in jail, the rest of the sentence will be halved.

According to a practical example, if someone has got ten years in prison and he or she has served only two years behind bars, with 8 more years left, he or she will benefit of a prison time cut by 4 years, and overal that person would stay only 6 years in prison.

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