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SocDem women ask satire website for EUR 500,000 non-material damages

Liviu Dragnea’s lover, Irina Tanase, PM Viorica Dancila, Bucharest mayoress, Gabriela Firea and Interior minister Carmen Dan ask the satire website Times New Roman to pay non-material damages worth half of million of euros, arguing one of their articles used injuries that affected their image.

The women had sued the representatives of the ‘Times New Roman’ satire website, for a pamphlet article about Dragnea’s lover and her presence at the PSD Congress in March.

The file has been registered in court, at the Bucharest Tribunal, at the end of March, with no hearing being settled yet.

The file only mentions that the article contains expressions that caused physical and mental pains to Irina Tanase.

“All the offending expressions against Mrs. Irina Tanase have caused her mental and physical pains, and she was even ashamed to go out due to the deformed image shaped by the article, which has been shared in the public space. Moreover, Mrs. Irina Tanase possesses a university education and she is respected in her entourage where all people who know her praise her (…),” reads the file.

Bucharest mayoress Gabriela Firea also says her image has been affected by the TNR article. “Mrs. Firea, besides her public image, is the mother of three boys, has a stable family and impeccable socio-professional relations, which have been seriously harmed.”

PM Viorica Dancila, ministers Carmen Dan and Olguta Vasilescu, also claim their image had been hurt.

The article proves an acute male chauvinism, clearly discriminating the women holding top positions within the Romanian Government. The article doesn’t include <an opinion>, <literary criticism> voiced in a pamphlet, but entails slanderous and offending allegations, seriously impacting on the claimants’ public image, reputation and dignity and it also has a high level of discrimination against women,” the files also says.

The Times New Roman and the authors of the article have already got a RON 16,000 fine, applied by the National Council for Combating Discrimination a week ago.

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