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Social Democrat mayor asks for Dragnea’s resignation

Social Democrat mayor asks for Dragnea’s resignation

A Social Democrat mayor has jumped off the total endorsement that the party’s leaders have granted to Liviu Dragnea after the Supreme Court had sentenced him to 3.5 years in prison last week.

Sabin Bociu, mayor of town of  Jebel in Timis and vice-president of the PSD Timis branch, who has a 20-year seniority in the party, has stated on Monday that Liviu Dragnea should resign from the party’s helm and from the state positions, adding he won’t join the group „of the political self-murderers”.

I have been a member of the Social Democrat Party for 20 years, I believe in the left-wing values, but I won’t join the group of the political self-killers and I disapprove the decisions of the National Executive Committee! I hope that there are more colleagues who think like me and that PSD will realize the Liviu Dragnea must step down from the party’s helm and from the country’s helm and that PSD will get close again of the Romanians’ ideals,” Sabin Bociu posted on Facebook.

He argued that the current situation (with the second conviction against Dragnea) is doing great disservice to the PSD’ image.

I have a different opinion and it is my right to expose it, although I have the vice-president position inside PSD. I was surprised to see that nobody in the party is saying anything, and it is impossible that nobody should have another opinion out in so many people. I really consider that the current situation is doing great disservices for the party’ image. Maybe a step aside would be needed under these circumstances.

It’s normal that a benefit of doubt should exist, but we are in politics, you don’t need to wait for a second conviction. Mr. Dragnea should take a step aside. Mr. Dragnea is our chairman, I have all the respect, but at some point he must understand that the party’s interest is prevailing against all personal interest. I have been in the party for 20 years and I consider myself loyal. Maybe there are others as well who think like me, but they don’t have the courage to say it,” the mayor pointed out.

The PSD Timis organization decided to further support the incumbent leadership of the party and the Government team, as well as the justice reform carried out by the ruling coalition.

Whilethe interim leader of PSD Timis, Calin Dobra, argued that the Jebel mayor’s statements prove that “the party is democratic”, another SocDem leader of the Timis branch slammed Bociu for his stance. Secretary general of PSD Timis, Adrian Negoita wondered when had the mayor of Jebel lied, when he was so desperate to welcome Dragnea in town in 2016 or now when he “is overgrown by principles”.

PSD Targu-Jiu local counsellor, Cristian Toader Pasti, has also said during the past weekend that party Chairman, Liviu Dragnea, should file his resignation of honour. Pasti claims that, ie fe is expelled from the party, he wants ‘to die on his feet’ and that he ‘does not crawl on his knees’.
Pasti is PSD member since 2003.

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