10 new born from Timisoara infected with COVID-19 in the maternity ward. Their moms tested negative. Criminal file opened

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Ten new born babies born at the maternity of Timisoara Hospital are infected with COVID-19, while their mother tested negative.

Health minister Nelu Tatary has asked for an urgent inquiry in this case. Soon after, the Prosecutor’s Office upon Timisoara Court has announced a criminal file had been opened in this case, under the charge of foiling disease control.

First information points that 49 mothers and their new born have been tested for the novel coronavirus on April 1. Tests came back positive for ten babies, while their mothers tested negative.

Nine women and their babies have already been discharged from hospital during April 2-4, with only one mom and her new born being still hospitalised.

A nurse from the Odobescu Maternity Hospital in Timisoara where ten new born babies and other 25 patients and doctors and nurses have been confirmed with coronavirus has recounted that the patients infected with COVID-19 were walking free through the hospital, while doctors and nurses were going off the isolation to operate.

The nurse, a woman who is also infected with the novel coronavirus, also said that she had been called to work although she felt ill. She claimed nobody had taken her seriously and that she had been tested several days later, according to tion.ro.

The nurse was eventually admitted to Victor Babes Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Timisoara following her repeated insistence to be tested. She felt sick, had fever. The last time she went to work at the maternity was Thursday, April 2 and she was taken to hospital from home with the ambulance on Saturday night, April 4. Now she much better, with the fever gone but still with frequent cough.

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